Solar Landscape: Leading the Way

2020 will be the most challenging year ever for Solar Landscape, a leading provider of solar PV systems specializing in large industrial, commercial, and community solar projects. The Asbury Park, New Jersey based company was the big winner in the first round of their home state's three-year community solar pilot program. The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities awarded the company more than 20 MW of solar project capacity to be built on 1.85 million square feet of commercial/industrial roof space. Solar Landscape's community solar allocation represents more than 50% of the rooftop solar capacity awarded - and more than all other companies combined. "There was a lot of nuance with the community solar application process, and we feel very fortunate", said Shaun Keegan, CEO of Solar Landscape. "Now we get to do what we do best - design and construct large rooftop solar PV projects."

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