Community Solar

Duke Realty 3 – NJ Community Solar


Wood-Ridge, NJ

Project Type:

Roof Mount

System Size:

2.3 MW

Annual Production:

2,897,000 kWh

Solar Incentive:


Community Solar Project in Wood Ridge

The Year 1 community solar project is a 2.3 MW DC rooftop array located on the facility at 5 Ethel Road in Wood Ridge . The project generates electricity to 380 local homes and is one of the eight community solar projects Solar Landscape was awarded in the NJ Community Solar Energy Pilot Program’s first year. The project was designed and executed to provide energy equity and access for all and provides 51% of the electricity it produces to low- and moderate-income households

What our clients say

“Solar Landscape made going solar simple. Their proposal was clearly presented, they helped us secure our incentives and they completed the project on time, on budget and without any issues.“
Jonathan Stern, CFO


What our clients say

“Solar Landscape handled the project smoothly and transparently. They met deadlines, did what they said they were going to do, and helped us secure a lot of value from our solar project.”
Bruce Flaim, Owner

Perfect finishing

What our clients say

“Solar Landscape has been a pleasure to work with on our solar energy system. The design build process was managed professionally and has led to significant energy cost savings. We would recommend Solar Landscape in the future.”
Facilities Manager

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