Did you know that the Clean Energy Act of 2018 can provide New Jersey property owners with a steady stream of income through the statewide Community Solar Program?

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Community Solar

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Why Go Solar?

Solar energy will eliminate your energy bills, provide generous tax incentives and reduce the carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

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According to a *2015 study, over 90% of global consumers and job seekers value corporate social responsivity (CSR) and expect companies to “operate responsibly to address social and environmental issues.”

Reducing your energy costs by using clean renewable solar energy, is not only cost-effective; it positively impacts the environment.  This CSR endeavor will have profound impact on your consumers and employees, while growing and solidifying your brand.

* 2015 Cone Communications Ebiquity Global CSR Study

Solar, a triple bottom-line investment

Customers will see a direct cost reduction when switching from the electricity grid to solar power.

Solar power is emission-free, and reduces your company’s reliance on fossil fuels and therefore, your carbon footprint. This results in a cleaner local environment, and ultimately, planet.

Studies show that solar powered businesses have seen an improvement in morale and happiness, and appeal to the newest generation’s workforce, helping you attract top-tier talent.

Saving With Solar

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