Did you know that the Clean Energy Act of 2018 can provide New Jersey property owners with a steady stream of income through the statewide Community Solar Program?

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Community Solar

Industrial (70,000+ sq/ft)

Savings With Solar

Purchase Your System

Purchasing a solar system is an incredible opportunity to reduce energy costs, lock in savings, and take advantage of tax benefits and state incentives. Owning a solar array provides the greatest ROI over the project term.

Power Purchase Agreement

Owning solar is not right for every business. A PPA is a strategic partnership designed significantly lower your cost of power and minimize risk. There is no capital expenditure for the system as we own the system on your roof, and maintain it for the project term.
Annual Electricity Savings (up to)


Annual Electricity Savings (up to)


Tax Credit Value (up to)


Tax Credit Value (up to)

Energy Cost (offset)


Energy Cost (offset)

25 – 50%


2 – 4 years


Immediate Savings

Solar Landscape also advises clients on alternative financing such as, operating/capital leases and PACE financing.
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