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Our Consultative Process:

Our ability to deliver solar energy with market-leading cost, creative solutions, and efficiency, is due to our team of renewable energy development professionals

  • Our process begins with an introductory meeting where we analyze your electric bills and energy usage and determine if your business and your facility are suitability for renewable solar energy.
  • We provide you with an initial solar design for your building to determine how much electricity your solar system may provide.
  • A structural evaluation and feasibility study of your facility are performed by a licensed engineer, to certify that your roof and your building are “solar ready”.

Moving Forward

Our commercial solar development strategy is simple: find solar energy solutions that fit each individual customer’s needs.

  • We review the tax credits, tax deductions and other solar incentives available in your state, to help you determine the most appropriate way to incorporate reliable solar energy into the cost savings and sustainability initiatives of your company.
  • We provide custom cash flow statements and cost saving projections for your financial professionals.
  • We only move forward with a project if there is an agreement that your building and rooftop are structurally sound, and the solar energy business application strategy we design together, is a win for your organization.
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Customized Strategies

Every commercial solar installation project is unique and requires proper due diligence and planning to ensure a smooth construction process.

  • Computer modeling, which incorporates your facility’s location, roof space, historical weather data, shading, and other factors, is used to determine your most efficient solar array.
  • Since not all buildings face due south, we collect data from geo coordinates and the site’s sun angle, to help designers determine module location, spacing, and tilt.
  • Our comprehensive design-driven approach ensures businesses can optimize their unique solar designs to improve system performance and energy production, without increasing costs.

We Make it Easy

We factor in all design and layout considerations to help you get the most out of your PV system and improve your rate of return (ROI).

  • We review your power usage, your facility’s custom solar design, and cost savings strategies.
  • We complete permitting and paperwork associated with your new solar installation, including all utility interconnection agreements, net-metering applications, local building and electrical permits, and all rebate incentive documents.
  • We provide a detailed analysis of your system layout, cost savings benefits, including applicable tax credits and rebates, performance estimate, energy offset projection, equipment warranties, timeline to completion, and financing options.
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Rooftop Solar

Rooftop solar is the most practical and cost-efficient type of solar installation for most clients.

  • We design, build and maintain your solar PV system. Our vertically integrated structure provides operational efficiencies and cost savings benefits.
  • Employing our own, full time solar professionals, ensures a quality installation with maximum electrical output and mitigates construction risk.
  • We only install on rooftops that are solar ready and we work with your manufacturer to ensure that your roof  warranty remains intact
  • Our three decades of experience ensures that your system will be constructed with minimal interruption to your business.

Utility Scale & Solar Gardens:

Utility-scale solar and solar gardens are large-scale solar arrays that tie directly into the electrical grid.

  • A utility-scale solar project delivers low-cost, on-peak energy directly to the power market.
  • Utility scale solar projects offer economies of scale, decreased operation and maintenance costs, and power sales flexibility.
  • A Community Solar Garden (CSG) is a centralized, shared solar project connected to the energy grid that has multiple subscribers. Not all states have approved CSGs, although the industry is moving in this direction.
  • Solar Landscape will develop CSG and utility scale projects through a variety of utility and cooperative programs.
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Preventive Maintenance

A properly maintained and serviced commercial solar installation can provide decades of clean, reliable, solar energy

  • With thirty years of solar experience, a nationwide presence and more than a hundred of megawatts of projects completed, we have the expertise and resources to keep your system at peak performance.
  • Our Operations and Maintenance teams perform regular onsite inspections, diagnostics, and preventive maintenance, to address any potential issues and ensure your system continues to perform as designed.
  • Our 24/7 monitoring tracks your system production in real time, measures its efficiency against projections and provides notifications if there is a deficiency.

Solar Facility Longevity

Solar panels have a 25-year warranty and you should expect efficient solar energy production for the duration of that warranty and beyond.

  • We inspect installations with an eye for performance, safety, and longevity.
  • Our PV system commissioning check-list and performance testing, serve as an empirical benchmark for future diagnostics to ensure long term system efficiency.
  • If we find a deficiency, our team responds immediately, to solve the problem and prevent it from happening again.
  • We are passionate about commercial rooftop and utility solar electric facilities and will operate and maintain your system as if it were our own.


Our Services

We perform every aspect of your solar project from evaluation and design to installation and on-going operations and maintenance. That means you deal
with one company, one project manager, and one seamless process.

Full-Service Solutions Provider

Solar Landscape is a specialized electrical contractor providing complete solar project design, management, and construction services. Our experienced development and construction teams will meet and exceed your expectations as we guide you through the process of transitioning to clean, renewable solar energy.



Our installation teams have a safety-first mind set. Our Solar Landscape Safety Plan is in place for all installations. All field technicians are OSHA 10-Hour certified including OSHA 30 certification of senior field personnel. All our installation professionals are trained in the hazards associated with solar PV system installation. Our professionals have more than 500 hours of NABCEP certification training.


It is the policy of Solar Landscape that accident prevention is a critical component in every phase of project construction and operation. Solar Landscape’s management provides safe working conditions and has established  best practices for safetly for all employees. It is Solar Landscape requirement that each supervisor make the safety of all employees the most important consideration in their regular duties.

Our Corporate Values

Our core values are reflected in every aspect of our work; safety and accountability, employee wellbeing, quality workmanship, customer- centric focus, and industry leadership

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