Corey Gross

Founder & COO

As COO and co-founder, Corey oversees product selection/procurement, project management and Operations & Maintenance and is still closely involved in execution on the project level. From what started as a team of four installers, including himself and co-founder Shaun Keegan, Corey has grown the company's full-time team of installers and electricians to more than 55 people. He is a respected, hands-on manager who encourages quality workmanship and having pride in bringing clean energy to New Jersey communities and businesses. Corey grew up in New Jersey and is passionate about creating a healthy, sustainable future for generations to come.

Corey Shares His Expertise

Corey launched Solar Landscape’s in-house engineering offering and grew his team of full-time installers from 4 to nearly 55 over 5 years.

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