Shaun Keegan

Founder & CEO

Since co-founding Solar Landscape in 2012, Shaun has been involved in every aspect of the business: design, product selection, installation, finance, legal, policy, marketing and development. As CEO, he currently leads Solar Landscape's business development and marketing efforts as well as overall growth and partnership strategies. Given Shaun's broad scope of experience building Solar Landscape and collaborating with other solar companies and financiers, he has a breadth of knowledge on every aspect of the industry and can provide insight to lawmakers, regulators and trade groups. He enjoys explaining the benefits of solar and problem solving to overcome challenges for executive-level decision makers. Shaun grew up in New Jersey and is passionate about building a business that gives back to local communities and enables his employees to create meaningful careers and support their families for the long-term.

Shaun Shares His Expertise

Rooftop Leases Offer NJ Commercial Property Owners Long-Term Revenue – June 11, 2020

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