Shaun Keegan

Founder & CEO

Together with co-founder Corey Gross, Shaun Keegan started Solar Landscape in 2012 by installing solar panels on commercial rooftops. Today, Solar Landscape is a national company that provides solar energy at a discount to thousands of households.  As CEO, Shaun leads Solar Landscape's growth and partnership strategies. Using his experience building Solar Landscape from a solar installer to owner and operator of more than 200 megawatts of solar energy, Shaun has connected America’s commercial real estate leaders with solutions that achieve ESG goals, promote community engagement and drive client customer revenue. Shaun is a New Jersey native and grew up near Solar Landscape’s headquarters. He has a longstanding personal interest in social justice issues and co-founded the company to enable his employees to create meaningful careers and support their families for the long-term.

Shaun Shares His Expertise

Rooftop Leases Offer NJ Commercial Property Owners Long-Term Revenue – June 11, 2020

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